General Federation of Women's Clubs New Hampshire Urges Support for Marsy's Law


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GFWC-NH Joins Growing Network of Support for Constitutional Amendment for Crime Victims’ Rights in New Hampshire

CONCORD – The General Federation of Women’s Clubs New Hampshire (GFWC-NH) has added its name to the list of non-profit groups to support a constitutional amendment establishing equal rights for crime victims, a measure commonly known as Marsy’s Law.  The GFWC-NH is comprised of 24-member chapters and clubs statewide.  The goal of this service organization is to contribute to specific causes and issues that benefit our state as a whole.  The GFWC-NH urges lawmakers to vote in support of CACR 22 when it comes to the Senate and House in the coming weeks.

“The Signature Project of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs is Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention. We know that the passage of Marsy’s Law would lend support to those victims of domestic and sexual violence as well as to the victims of other crimes,” says Phyllis Appler, NH President of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. “The General Federation of Women’s Clubs-New Hampshire strongly supports the constitutional amendment that would give rights to these victims.”

“As a survivor, I’d like to remind Granite Staters that real-life victims are currently being ignored, silenced, left out, and re-victimized”, says Tina Smith, President of Concord Contemporary Club and GFWC NH Chairman of Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention. “Marsy’s Law will ensure no sexual predator is given more rights than the child they victimized. It will make sure a victims’ safety is taken into consideration when their attacker is being let out on parole.

“This amendment gives a voice to victims of crime,” says Jeannie Woolf, former President, GFWC Pembroke Women’s Club. “Our organization was created to work towards greater peace and understanding.  Marsy’s Law reflects our group’s goals and we stand united with the Governor and legislative leaders in support of this proposal.”

“The rights provided to victims by Marsy’s Law are the basic rights that I would want in place should my family, friends, or neighbors become victims of a crime,” says Donna Maskwa, Co-President of GFWC Dover Area Women’s Club. Of all the things I’ve participated in with GFWC, this is the most important. GFWC-NH club women support Marsy’s Law for New Hampshire and believe that crime victims deserve equal rights.”

Marsy’s Law for New Hampshire, also known as CACR #22, has the support of Governor Chris Sununu and nearly every New Hampshire State Senator.  It is also co-sponsored by New Hampshire’s House Speaker and Democratic leadership. The constitutional amendment includes the right to notification, the right to reasonable protection from harm, the right to speak and the right to a process free of unnecessary delays.

About Marsy’s Law for New Hampshire:

Marsy’s Law for New Hampshire is a grassroots effort to bring constitutional rights to victims of crime. Under Marsy’s Law, or CACR 22, crime victims would have the right to notification of all proceedings and would be guaranteed the right to be heard in the criminal justice system. Victims would also have the right to have input on all plea deals for offenders as well as the right to restitution resulting from the financial impact of the crime. New Hampshire is 1 of only 15 states that does not have constitutional rights for victims.

The Marsy’s Law movement began in 1983 by Henry Nicholas, whose sister Marsy was killed by her ex-boyfriend. One week after her murder, Marsy’s mother and Henry walked into a grocery store where they saw the accused murderer. The family had no idea that he had been released on bail. In an effort to honor his sister, Dr. Henry Nicholas has made it his mission in life to help provide victims and their families across the country with constitutional protections and equal rights.

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