What is Marsy’s Law for NH?

Marsy’s Law provides equal constitutional rights for New Hampshire's crime victims.


We're grateful to have the support of bipartisan legislators, public safety officials, advocates, survivors, and families.

Victims of crime deserve equal constitutional rights – the same rights as defendants. No more, no less.

Governor Chris Sununu

No victim should have to question whether or not to report a crime or to go forward with a trial because they know the system is stacked against them. Victims deserve a better system of justice; Marsy’s Law will help improve ours by guaranteeing equal, enforceable constitutional rights for victims of crime in the Granite State.

Jessica Paradis, survivor

Together we could work to change 100 more statutes, but the fact remains: Until we provide victims with constitutional rights that are both meaningful and enforceable, we will never have a system that is just.

John Cantin, survivor

Our founders knew that sometimes we need a revolution to enshrine rights, not an evolution to enforce them. A revolution for victims of crime is long overdue. It’s time for Marsy’s Law.

Rus Rilee, attorney